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Thread: Local amateur bass tournaments?

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    Default Local amateur bass tournaments?

    Is anyone aware of local Bass tournaments in the Sacramento area? I know there is the bass n fly during the summer but are there any others? Not just isolated to fly fishing either, I'm open to conventional gear as well. Thanks

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    Check out this 11 pounder caught at the Berryessa tournament last week. It seems like Berryessa has a tournament every week. Call Gone Fishin Marine in Dixon they are bass guys. Also just a note if you fly fish bass you have to use an under 8 foot rod. The St Croix Bass fly rod is only $150

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    It's been a while,

    There are over a thousand tourneys this year in California. Each on the list will have it's sponsoring body listed ( contact ). The sponsoring bodies will be your best source of the type of event it is, club, associaton, open, non-power ( kayak, toon, float tube ), etc.

    Try sorting the list by water, sponsor, then convert the list to 500 per page. That might make it a little easier to find what you are looking for.

    Here's the real value in this list for me, it lets me know which bodies of water to avoid on a given date.

    Good luck Sheep.

    Dave Ecklund
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    Just about every weekend of the year. Go to as you can find out about all the tournament circuits going on in the state. If you don't see what you're looking for ask questions on the forums. You should look into joining won of the bass clubs in your area as most hold club tournaments, meetings, guest speakers, & outings.

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    Hey tony, how you doing.... You ought to see my collection of bait casters - rod and reels. I also have a few spinning reels.
    I have a few boxes full of crank baits, plastics and frogs. Much easier on the shoulder casting these rods. I'm still using the fly
    rods. Actually once I find some fish, I'll switch to the fly rod if they are shallow.
    I still look at the photo's of San Luis... Hog Island and those big stripers, do you remember that day


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