Franks Tract Restoration Proposal
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Posted by Dan Firth on 2018-07-12 10:52:55

This may be old news for many but if not, folks that like to fish the Franks Tract area might be interested in an article published in The Press on July 6 regarding a proposal to construct a berm that would split Franks Tract in two along a line that runs roughly north to south. Approximately 1,000 acres of tidal wetlands would be created by dumping millions of cubic yards of fill on the west side of the berm and in Little Franks Tract. An open-water channel of approximately 2,000 acres would be established on the east side of the berm. Access to False River and the San Joaquin River to the east of the tract would be permanently blocked by the project. Sounds like the project is still early in the planning stages but as currently proposed it would have substantial impacts to Bethel Island and this area of the Delta.



I found this on Dan Blanton's message board today.