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Thread: Bollibokka Way Station Early July Advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwris View Post
    OC - Thank you for correcting and educating me. Westlands and Resnicks have very poor records when it comes to the environment. Along with MWD they seem to see Nor Cal as a source of water regardless of the environmental consequences. When they have destroyed the Nor Cal environment, where will they turn for water? Why not turn to that now before we damage the environment any more? Of course we know why - it is all about money. My dream is that Californians will stand up and tell these players that enough is enough, now rather than later.
    Perhaps raising Shasta isn't all that bad. For me though, it is just one more step in the wrong direction.
    Hey Gregg, I'm not arguing that it would be a positive development by any means! Just want folks to be informed so if they weigh in with public agencies and what have you the effort is well-aimed.

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