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Thread: Tell me about the April/March dry fly fishing on the Lower American

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    Default Tell me about the April/March dry fly fishing on the Lower American

    I've heard that the Lower American has a great dry fly season in April/March. Considering the Steelhead are out to sea, wondering what we're fishing for? I didn't know there were resident trout in the river.
    Can you tell me more? I want to take my boat out and enjoy this beautiful river.

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    When the river gets down to 3,000 cfs look for caddis activity in the upper reaches in the afternoons.

    Spring run Half-pounder Steelhead will be feeding on them if we get a run.


    In the Spring we can have Half-pounders, Stripers and Shad.


    If the Lower Yuba and Lower Feather Rivers have lower flows they can have insect hatches too.


    Warm sunny afternoons are good for caddis and stoneflies.

    Cloudy cooler days are good for Mayflies.

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    A good friend and I have noticed an incredible amount of surface feeding right about the time we’re rushing to the takeout before the rangers lock the gate. I have been very tempted to bring a 5wt and skate a small Caddis for these rising fish but we are always pushing it to the very last minute when this occuers. If you’re walking in, you might give it a shot Nik certain these vast flurries of surface feeding are the shad keying in on the abundant Caddis but it would be a hoot to catch one on a skated dry instead of a deeply presented swung bloody Maria.

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    Shad will take a skated caddis, or a pupae in the film. I’ve gotten them for the last 25 years that way, although 2015 and 2016 had virtually no surface activity. Got a few again last year.

    It is the last hour of light for the most part, and mostly males for some reason. A nice bonus is the occasional blue back and very occasional downriver adult.

    March-May, as Bill said, is mostly blue backs and once in awhile a downriver adult.

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