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    I found this report on "bloody decks"


    Looks like a great season for the fly fishermen in Loreto! That’s the word I am hearing from our divers and snorkelers!

    Every beach is loaded with foot long roosterfish gorging on sardina. I’ve heard the names of all the local beaches and bays being added to the list of rooster haunts! Add to that the mega quantity of sardina and this should be a busy year for the pez gallo and the dorado, too!


    (It’s been at least 4 years since we had sardina in these numbers!)

    I have been seeing similar airborne activities performed by great flocks of mixed sea birds diving on bait schools that are more than just the shallow water sardina schools!

    As far as fish catching this week all the action has been focused down south of Carmen and Catalan Islands. Half the boats have been doing very well on both yellowtail and cabrilla.

    I witnessed a surface bite on yellowtail by a boat load of spinning gear grinders chucking surface poppers. They worked an area for an hour and caught at least 6 yellowtail in the 15-pound range. I didn’t get a close enough look at the baits they were throwing but the colors were mostly blue and they made a crazy volcano of splashing water as they were retrieved!

    We still have whales in the Danzante, Monsarret, Carmen triangle and as soon as they split things should start exploding…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing
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