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So...I have a 9'6" BVK 6 wt. Honestly, with larger streamers...it isn't really enough gun. Especially when wading. I know that isn't what you were asking. Just thought I would throw that in, as someone who went through the process you are going through...not all that long ago. I wade fish a lot more than boat fish...so I went to a 10' 7wt. rod. I love the extra length and the extra backbone to cast bigger streamers without a lot of effort. The guys that cast the really big steamers...use an #8 wt rod. Seriously.

As for the original question. I didn't care for the Wulff Ambush line. I have a #7, if you want it...I will make you a great deal. Only used a few times. I use an Airflow Galloup's Streamer Max Long. It does have a texture on the running line that allows it to shoot through the guides and cast further. You need to use strippeez on your fingers if you are hucking all day...so it doesn't tear you fingers open.

Also heard great things about the Rio OB...just didn't get a chance to fish one. Happy with what I have. Good luck!
I have to agree, I have a 6 weight BVK, but for serious streamer fishing (large flies, large water) I fish my 9-1/2 foot 7 weight Sage XP.