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Thread: Sad state of affairs - scuba divers spearing big Stripers.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian View Post
    Amoeba,.... Is there a point to your statement???

    Rossflyguy,.... Your points and the opposite side have been made many times in the past with the usual back/forth, neither side resolving the issue. We're really only addressing spearfishing for Stripers in rivers and potential changes to the regs, maybe. If you're OK with spearfishing in rivers then we aren't going to agree on much.

    IMO, there're some safety issues in the American River where a lot of people use the river. Over/above the Striper issue, spearfishing with a whole bunch of people around just doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
    Yes, there is a point to my statement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STEELIES/26c3 View Post
    It's based on neither... water management is based on money and profit
    and any fishery which can be legally, even if not scientifically or acceptably exploited, will be exploited
    This is the bottom line........ anything or activity that assists/hastens/expedites the reduction/elimination of a fish/fishery only benefits those interested in the bottom line.


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