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Thread: Why we swinging flies for Steelhead?

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    Default Why we swinging flies for Steelhead?

    Everyone knows that today swinging flies is not the easiest way to catch Steelhead or everyone would be doing it.

    50 years ago when the numbers of Steelhead were greater, swinging wet flies for Steelhead was more practical.

    After the numbers of Steelhead feel off it became more difficult.

    Us Baby Boomers were taken out by the Greatest Generation and introduced to fly fishing for Steelhead in the 1960s and 1970s.

    The 1980s were a low point for me as far as fly fishing for Steelhead goes because the Steelhead numbers were really down after the big drought in the late 1970s.

    This is when indicator fly fishing with a nymph and egg imitation was King.....

    Thanks God that Two Handed / Spey casting came into popularity over 20 years ago in the United

    This is what brought back swinging flies for Steelhead........


    I think you need to enjoy all aspects of the sport to make it worth the effort.

    We enjoy walking along the river and wading it too.

    We enjoy reading the water which means figuring out where the fish should be holding.

    We enjoy fly casting which is so rewarding after you get fairly good at it.

    We enjoy manipulating the line to control the drift of our wet fly.

    Lastly we enjoy the 'grab' which is almost like an electric shock.

    **Classic fly fishing for Steelhead is not for everyone because it takes a lot of time and effort to catch one.
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    few better ways if any to spend the day

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    Fact of the matter is you enjoy the scenic views thenrivers have
    I don’t like looking at a Bobber all day! Hahaha!

    "I own a time machine, but it only moves forward at regular speed..."

    "So many rivers to fish so little time!"


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