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Thread: Shooting Line.

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    Hydrafloat is a spectra coated line so the 50# is thin! Don't get your finger tangled up on a hot running fish, you might be left with a nub! :0

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    Been very happy with OPST. Check it out, your choice of thicknesses.
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    Over 50 years ago when I started fly fishing for larger fish like Shad, Stripers, Steelhead and Salmon they used single hand fiberglass 9' #9 line fly rods, a large single action fly reel with some 20# Dacron backing and then mono running/shooting line and around 30 foot shooting heads in different weights and sink rates.

    Even back then everyone tried all different kinds of mono for shooting lines to find that 'magic one'.

    Some of the factory stuff was Cortland 'Cobra' that was oval in clear and in red in several weights/diameters.

    We tried yellow or Golden Stren.

    Sunset came out with Amnesia which came in lots of sizes and colors.

    Al Perryman told me in a pinch he would just take a tippet spool of Maxima Untragreen in 25 pound test.

    There was a bow serving mono line that was orange and came on small wooden spools that was highly regarded.

    Along came some black mono line that the Reno Fly Shop liked.

    We had a love/hate relationship with our mono running lines because they like to kind of go bad on us at inopportune times.

    Seemed like we got away from mono and heads some with the onset of so many integrated fly lines.

    Funny to see it all come back again with the popularity of two handed rods with heads.

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    I remember those days Bill. Still have a couple of those 30' heads with a chunk of mono on each end and Perfection loops. Amnesia was my favorite for many years but I invested once in a Cortland level/floating line. Was nice that it floated but not a great shooter. The Big Game works as good or better then Amnesia plus the price is really good. I finally received my spool of P-Line but haven't tried it yet. Nice color, funny texture and the 6" piece I cut off floats rather well in my sink.

    We've got snow up in SE Idaho already. Woke up to 6" of the stuff Saturday morning and a roof covered wth several large branches ( heavy wet snow on leafed trees is a bad combination). Lots of natural pruning/tree trimming took place. After I get my roof cleared and check for damage I'm off to the river to see if this Hydrofloat stuff is the "Holy Grail" of shooting lines.


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