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Thread: Make a copy of your passport......

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    Default Make a copy of your passport......

    Jim Christensen, at the shop, has traveled a lot with groups all over the world so I have been going to the shop on Mondays when he works to have him help me with this Cuba trip.

    Jim said when you make a copy or two of your passport be careful to not leave it in the copy machine. He said this is quit common.

    I made two copies with my 4 in 1 inkjet copier/fax/printer/scanner using photo paper to get a really sharp copy.

    I also put my California drivers license in there on the same page.
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    And bring a copy of the photo page of your passport with you, someplace separate from where you keep your passport. If you lose your passport, having that copy will greatly expedite getting replacement paperwork so you can continue your travel. It's not a bad idea to copy the visa page if you're travelling somewhere that requires a visa, such as Brazil or Venezuela.


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