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Thread: Lots of small Stripers or go look for some larger ones?

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    Default Lots of small Stripers or go look for some larger ones?

    I had a nice chat with top local Delta skiff guide Bryce Tedford.

    He said that when they find a school of small Stripers he asks the clients if they want to stay here and catch a bunch of little scappers or do you want to roll it up and go look for a school of larger line sides?

    That way he gives his people a choice.

    Some are happy with lots of fish even if they are smaller ones but other would rather go the hunt to see if they can get something that is bigger.

    I think this is a good way to make people happy.......

    Bryce has a very nice new comfortable boat and he specializes in Stripers, Large Mouth Bass and Small Mouth Bass in the Delta.

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    Big stripes are great, but I love using a 7 wt. Fenwick fiberglass rod with a T-200 line when we only find the schoolies. They are super aggressive, and you can easily have a 30-50 fish day on light gear. Last year I got an 8 lb. stripe in the American on that rod, in current, and to say it was maxed is an understatement, but so much fun


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