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Thread: New Redington Vice series of smooth casting fly rods

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    Default New Redington Vice series of smooth casting fly rods

    The new Vice has a beautiful smooth action that many really prefer.

    They come in 13 sizes from 3 weight to 9 weight in a nice action that should work well for all fresh water and lots of lighter salt water applications like Bonefishing.

    We were casting one today at the shop at for $199.00 this is my favorite bargain priced fly rod series.


    If you like a faster action rod with more butt power for fighting big fish then the Predator is for you at $299.00

    For salt water sizes, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 weight the Predator is the best casting rod and most durable at this price point.

    Bill Kiene

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    These are interesting rods. I would love to know how the 9'6" and 10' 6wts roll cast. I need to find a good, somewhat inexpensive backup steelhead rod for nymphing.


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