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Thread: Use of Polyleaders, versi leaders with different tips

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    Default Use of Polyleaders, versi leaders with different tips

    Hi Folks, It is hard to keep up with all the new equipment and tools we have for fly fishing these days. I just recently became aware of Poly leaders and before that had heard of Rio’s versi leader with different tips. I understand these leaders or tips come in a range of sink rates from floating to extra fast sink rates. Where would the use of a floating tip be used or beneficial? To me these tips would seem to be useful to make various sink tips on a floating fly line. Am I missing something on the benefits and use of these Leaders/tips? Thanks!
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    Default spey casting with dry flies

    I use the floating polyleaders for spey casting (snap T, snake roll, etc.) with dry flies or barely sunk wet flies. They weigh more than a mono leader. This makes it easier for me to place the fly with roll-type casts into pockets in streamside trees, etc. It also makes it easier to roll cast with a short line.

    But they're a PITA when you snag something and have to break off the fly. The polyleaders plastically deform and they somehow get permanently twisted.


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