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Thread: Jaguar gets clip.

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    Default Jaguar gets clip.

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    Thanks for posting that Bill. Seeing a jag in broad daylight is rare enough. Seeing one hunt in broad daylight is even rarer. Seeing one hunt and capture a caiman is very very rare. They are called "fish cats" and do take caiman but more commonly they target capybara, fish, birds, and other smalled mammals. That cat was probably pretty hungry to take on a caiman almost as big as it is. I'd love to see a jaguar hunt. Notice how the caiman goes limp? Jags kill by puncturing the neck and skull and severing the spinal cord with their massive canine teeth. It'd be so cool to see them securely reintroduced into the southwest (there are rare sightings now in Arizona).

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    Thumbs up Jaguar....

    Amazing!!! I knew Jaguars didn't mind getting wet but.... The cat stalks across/thru the water, gathers and pounces. Then returns with the still live gator in it's mouth??? Wonder if the gator was paralyzed by the Jaguar's bite???
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