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Thread: Northern California Fly Fishing Board?

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    I've participated in a few swaps here and on NCFFB. I've enjoyed them all. The one mentioned in my original post here was the first one that I've hosted. Perhaps I'll do one here later in the year. Each board is the sum total of its partipants, and therefore unique. Enjoy them for what they are. Don't take it too seriously. Its just pixels on a screen. Mike Borba

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    I think saying that they are just pixels on the screen is selling it short. There is someone, often times a stranger, saying incredibly rude things to another person that they often don't even know, behind those words or pixels on the screen. The internet D-wad theory in action. Life is too short to put up with that kind of crap.

    I used to post on the NCFFB a lot, and still do on occasion, but now it is, as NCL said, a much mellower and quieter place. Still, that does not excuse the past bad behavior by a small minority, so I can understand why bad feelings persist with some former posters.

    However, if we keep this up, this will only draw some of those aforementioned D-wads out from under their respective rocks to share their two cents on this thread and the NCFFB in general. I wonder why it strikes such a nerve when this subject is brought up, which seems to be far too often...
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