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Thread: Pyramid Report- An Antelope and 5 fish

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    Default Pyramid Report- An Antelope and 5 fish

    Fished lake on thurs/fri during warm-up. Saw more fish in shallows on thursday than friday. Got 4 fish thursday and one on friday. It remains slow. Did hear of a brief flurry of action at north nets in early afternoon.

    I did hit an Antelope on way to lake on friday morning- bummer. Not much damage to truck but, Antelope didn't survive. Hit it doing 65mph just south of Sutcliffe at 6am. I was driving on straight away before Sutcliffe and Antelope crossed road directly in front of me, running at full speed. Barely tapped brakes and hit it. Be careful going out to lake in early mornings! If I had been in wife's Honda CRV I may not be posting a report!

    Check Rob's website (Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing) for more reports.

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    Default pyramid April 15-21

    Fished the lake all week. Some from shore on ladder. Some days in float tube. Best results from tube near Pelican and at no. nets. respectable number of fish (15-16). fished deep in 9-13 feet of water, midging. Shore fishing (almost all midging in our group) slow all week. Some in our group did see fish passing in front of them in shallows on one or two days. totally weird and different year.

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    Glad you are ok! I almost clobbered an antelope just west of Loyalton the other evening. Pretty animals up close Hope to see you at the lake soon!

    Jay Clark Fly Fishing
    530 414 1655

    "Offering guided fly fishing trips for trout in the Northern Sierra and beyond"

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    Default Near Miss

    I had a near miss in about the same location last year Chris. Glad you're ok.

    Betty, it was nice to meet and get to speak with you for a bit. I'm glad it got bett-er than the previous Sunday. Maybe we'll see you at Henry's in the fall?



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