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Thread: A.R yet?

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    Default A.R yet?

    With all the stripers heading north, would it be a good time to look for them around discovery park on up?

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    Call Andy Guibord at the shop today and ask him what he has seen or heard about Stripers in the Lower American River.

    Local : 916/486-9958

    Toll free USA: 800/400-0359
    Bill Kiene - Senior Travel Advisor

    WILD ON THE FLY - Fly Fishing Adventure Travel
    Kiene's American Fly Fishing Company
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    530-753-5267 cell

    Grizzly Hackle Holdings, LLC - Steven K Jensen - managing director

    Kiene's American Fly Fishing Company - Sacramento, CA
    Bob Marriott's Fly Fishing Store - Los Angeles, CA
    Wild on the Fly Travel, LLC
    Rainbow River Lodge, Iliamna, AK
    Iliamna River Lodge, Iliamna, AK


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