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Thread: Feinstein, Westlands et al...

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    Default Feinstein, Westlands et al...

    It sure must be cozy in that bed Dianne lays in with her big money central valley friends....

    I happened to be on a project with one of the north state resources biostitutes (mentioned in second article) last week...he was telling me how they are working on a project to raise the dam to "help save the salmon"......silly fool..wonder if he actually believes that?

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    its time to start insisting that any plans for raising shasts dam include a fish passage facility.

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    Does anyone have information on New Zealands approach to water conservation and hydrolic power.

    The little I know is that they have very few Dams, keep the Hydrolic generators in the natural flow of the streams, and are able to maintain little to no reseviors.

    Any more info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSmallFly View Post

    Any more info?
    Yeah, they only have about 4 million people in the whole country. Electicity demand is a little lower than CA.


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