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Thread: Back from South Caicos! Beyond the Blue Bonefish

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    Default Back from South Caicos! Beyond the Blue Bonefish

    Late last night, I returned from another awesome trip to South Caicos. My group and I spent the past week fishing with Beyond the Blue Charters for jumbo Caribbean Bonefish. It certainly was a week of variety, with good fishing to be had in various environs throughout the week.

    Earlier in the week, fishing was strong in the creeks... some of South Caicos' largest Bones live in the mangrove-lined creek environ. Some group members landed Bones of 7+ pounds here. During mid-week, some of the anglers found massive schools of Bones on the outer flats. The fish were not as large as the creek Bones, but they were certainly numerous and grabby. Finally, the week could not have finished any better... the N/NE winds started cranking hard in the last two days and that stirred up the flats, causing the bigger Bonefish showed up. Albeit tough to cast in a 25-30 knot wind, massive Bones of 5 to 8+ pounds showed up and were feeding hard on the flats. These days were quintessential Bonefishing... fishing small schools, doubles, and even singles cruising and tailing on the flats.

    And finally, a nice bonus for the week was being able to cast to some resident medium sized Tarpon. We were fortunate to hook three Tarpon! But Rick Jorgensen was the only lucky angler to land one these awesome fish. Our group also hooked some Jacks and the occasional Cuda.

    We had a few first-time Bonefisherman on the trip and it was very rewarding to see their progress and success throughout week. Even better, it was great to hear the many stories of successful Bonefish "hunts", and even, missed opportunities at Bonefish claimed to be as thick as your thigh. We all cast to some massive Bones throughout the week,... but as any angler knows, those trophy fish did not get that size by being easy to fool!

    My personal highlight of the trip was topping my all-time personal best Bonefish on this trip... simply amazing to see 150 yards of backing disappear from your spool in seconds. I only had a few wraps left on the spool and, lucky for me, the massive Bone stopped its run. Next trip, I am going to load 200 yards just in case. Wow.

    In final, here is a link to my photo journal slideshow from the trip:

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    Wow, now those are some sweet pics. Amazing how those flats just go for miles
    and miles.

    Some big fish too....even that half a bonefish!

    Thanks for sharing Keith.


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    Default Pics

    Dude....These pics are ridculous. You need to submit a handful of these to a magazine. The black and white tarpon under the water needs to be in a 8 x 10 professional frame. Or you should start selling them off your website!

    Look forward to guiding with you tomorrow.
    Guiding out here on some of the best trout waters of the west coast, it is my goal to fill your memory bank with plenty of fish tales, big and small!

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    "Beyond the Blue" on South Caycos Island is one of the top 100% all wading Bonefish destinations in the world today.

    Contact Keith Kaneko, owner of "Angling on the Fly" travel service.
    Bill Kiene

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    Contact me for any reason........

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    Default OMG, Keith!

    It was so fun to hang out with you at Kiene's Expo...
    You have become, through much dedication and hard work, the epitome of what the flyfishing world offers...
    As Carlo and I sat there and re-connected with you, my greatest joy was seeing your first child, Ella, having grown and matured... you and Leslie are the parents kids only dream about!
    You never once mentioned this fantastic trip and your personal best bonefish...
    Truly, you deserve (and I might add, earn) all the good things that happen in this world!

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    Red face

    Keith did a totally awesome job of hosting this trip and keeping us all happy - a great group of guys to spend a week with - I have not seen bone fishing like this since the very early days at Christmas Island - nothing better then wading/stalking fish on miles of flats 6-inches deep!!!! And the cluster that can occur when you see a huge bone fish from a long ways away coming your way - it is truly amazing how many ways you can screw up a cast under pressure!!!!!

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    Wow Keith! The pics that you took are awesome!

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    Thumbs up

    Awesome pics, Keith. That fishery just keeps producing!

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    Awesome photos Keith! I loved the shot of the "hero shot" with half of a bonefish, lol

    Which underwater camera was used? a GoPro?
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