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Thread: an unusual Truckee report... of sorts.

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    Default an unusual Truckee report... of sorts.

    So managed a last minute day off, and ran up the hill as fast as I could to fish the Truckee. Fishing started off a bit slow, but managed to catch one and lost another in the first hour or so. I figured it was still early and would likely pick up a bit once the day wore on. Soon enough bugs started to happen, I missed a couple of bites and all in all things seemed to be poised to go... and then I got snagged! Always hate it when that happens, and I had to make a bit more of a ruckus that I wanted before my flies pulled loose. Thats when things started to go strange:

    I noticed that I had pulled up another tandem nymph rig as I got my snagged flies back, and upon closer inspection recognized that those other nymphs were mine (a rig that I had lost in a snag last week at that same rock)! A sz 16 bh Birds nest, with a sz 18 Barr's emerger. Being that I was about due for a change in flies and taking this odd occurrence as a sign, I right away tied on my recovered fly rig (after cleaning all the slime off the Barr's emerger). Very shortly thereafter I start catching fish, and in general getting bit more and more until I eventually lost the Barrs emerger to a big fish (but not the lucky Birds nest).

    Moving to another spot, the catching picks up even more with every fish coming in on that lucky Birds nest. I was quite pleased that I had recovered that fly as it was probably the best tie job that I had done on any Birds nest yet and it was really working it's magic on the fish too! Thus I was really bummed when I had one of those 2 second meetings with "Walter" where he broke my favorite Birds nest off and headed back into the depths...

    Fortunately I had more, so I tied on my next best Birds nest (with a silver bead and ribbing instead of gold), and it seemed to be working just about as well. I was getting pretty tired, and my arms and shoulders were getting a bit stiff from casting with a pretty gusty breeze but wasn't quite willing to end such a fun day of fishing just yet. I threw out yet another "last cast" and managed to hook up with what felt like one of the biggest fish of the day and thrilled to a couple of big jumps and runs before finally easing the nice plump hen into my net. As I was bringing her in, I confirmed that sure enough she had eaten the Birds nest again.

    Gorgeous wild rainbow, probably just shy of 20", or maybe just over? Being large and fat, and feisty, I was having a bit of trouble getting her unhooked. Then things went from strange to BIZARE! I start seeing double; at first I thought that she had spit the hook as I see the Birds nest in the net, but then as she flops over a few times I see she's still hooked... on the Birds nest... I start counting flies and see that there are 4 flies, with two of them being Birds nests! Unbelievably I had caught the same fish that had broke me off earlier, AND recovered my most unusually lucky Birds nest for the second time that day Talk about weird; not only did I recover the exact same lost fly twice in one day, and manage to hook the same fish twice in the same hole, but I also hooked her on the exact same pattern! I also realized that my earlier 2 second meeting hadn't actually been with "Walter"; it was with his little sister.

    So I guess the report would be to bring Birds nests to the Truckee right now, and yeah the fishing was pretty good too

    (I am thinking I might have to mount that Birds nest somewhere, as I doubt that I will ever have a fly that lucky again!)

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    Jason, the Bird's nest was invented for the T.
    Tan and olive are commonly used here.
    From sz22 through sz 8-10. With bead and without.
    The only time I don't use them is in winter.
    Glad to hear you are listening to the signs.
    Put that fly over your bench and tye brother.

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    Jason that is one cool story. Can't say I've recovered any of my flies from the water, and certainly not twice!

    Dang, sounds like you had a banner day. Not easy on the Truckee either. Nice.


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    I've hooked a few rigs that I've snagged on the bottom, but never more than once in a day. To me, the BEST place to get a fly back is embedded in the lip of a trout that broke me off earlier. That's happened a couple of times, but it is still quite gratifying. I agree with EO, it does sound like a heckuva day on the T. That place has skunked me more times than I care to admit.


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    Awesome! I have recovered a rig from a fish's mouth on the yuba one time. Same hole, went back about an hour and half later and hooked and landed it this time and pulled out my original red copper john along with the new one I tied on! She really wanted a red copper john I guess. Unlike yours, she was only about 14" but still a funny story.

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing and congrats on landing a big one.

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    NOw that is one fly that didnt want to leave its owner empty handed. Hang that on a wall in a fish mouth pic...

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    That is an amazing story. And it sounds like you killed it on the T! Well done, sir.


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