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Thread: Lost Patagonia coat at Lime Pt. on the T.

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    Default Lost Patagonia coat at Lime Pt. on the T.

    Had a couple of good days on the T this week. Hooked one the first day and three the second. Flows are up, but the water is beautiful, just where it should be, in my opinion. Boat traffic wasn't too bad either.

    I floated down to Lime Pt yesterday, Friday the 17th. Somewhere in the last mile, or maybe even right at the take-out I lost my grey Patagonia down coat with a hood. I'm so bummed. I didn't notice it was missing until half way home.

    I'm going to put a word out at the shops in the area too. Reward and good karma offered. It's amazing that the rod and reel someone lost at Sailor Bar were recovered. Hoping my coat turns up to.

    thanks everyone,
    Jimmy James

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    Bummer Jimmy. Patagonia isn't cheap stuff. Let alone their jackets.

    Hope karma comes back to you!


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