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Thread: Lower Yuba

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    I cancelled a few meetings tomorrow and plan to head up. Anyone fished below the bridge lately. Any reports with respect to the crowds and/or fishing success?

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    Default Yuba today

    We fished above the bridge today and encountered about four other
    fishermen. I spent most of my time taking photos, but I did catch
    one 15" Rainbow on a Skwala dry. A fair number of bugs are crawling

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    I fished above the bridge today from 11am to dusk. I think a dozen folks had the same idea: what a beautiful Thursday, I bet I'll have the Yuba to myself. Fortunately, everyone was friendly and courteous and there's lots of river to fish.

    I've been fishing the Yuba for a couple of years now and thought I knew what low flows were like, but these levels surprised me. A lot less fishable deep water (I was looking for depth below riffles because the water's so clear), but with all the easy crossings I hiked up to within sight of the UC facility for the first time, which I'd always wanted to do.

    I got two nice fish midday, one about 14" on a very yellow stonefly nymph near the bridge, the other a good deal larger up around the bend on a small flash-back pheasant tail. Seems like all the folks I met up with were fishing dries -- there were lots of smallish fish smacking the surface -- and most were pretty frustrated about it. It was very windy. Fellow across from me caught a nice fish on a dry. Others claimed about the same numbers.

    Plus: A lovely day to be on the water, caught a couple of nice fish, and ended up with more flies than I started (unusual for me) -- a willow I got snagged in had fouled someone else ahead of me.

    Minus: The hat I've fished in for years in all weather was suddenly gusted off my head and I sadly watched it drift down the river for 5 or 10 min with nothing to be done about it. My wife is pleased (it was getting pretty ratty).
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    I fished below the bridge on Wednesday, 2/22, and I have to confess that I got skunked. Two or three skwalas on the water, plus only a few mayflies, but I saw only two fish rise to them. On such a beautiful sunny day I expected to see more bugs.

    Had a great day with several nice fish ten days ago (report elsewhere on the board).

    We should be seeing March Browns soon if this weather holds.

    Good luck.



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