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Thread: Is access going to be a problem up on the Truckee with this week's snow?

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    Default Is access going to be a problem up on the Truckee with this week's snow?

    Heading up Tahoe this weekend, and am thinking I'm going to leave the skis at home and focus on fishing saturday and sunday afternoons. Is this weeks snow sticking? Will access along hirschdale be difficult? any information about access, or lack there of would be greatly appreciated. Tight lines!
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    Default Right now...

    it is beautiful; no wind, sun is out and no clouds. You seriously might consider skiing or gliding since we received some semi-dry snow yesterday. Spring skiing already?

    As for the fishing, the further down you approach the CA/NV border and in Nevada, IMO, the more productive you will be. If you do wet a line the best times will be noon-3PM.


    With this existing, minimal snow-pack be very careful and avoid "post-holing". Such an event can keep you out of walking condition for awhile. Now is when I consider my snow-shoes when approaching the water.

    Check-out my April 17 2011 post on this subject in my

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    This is the first weekend of the winter season I'm gonna ski instead of fishing. I'm sure you will find some fishable water up in the Hirschdale area but the lower you go the warmer it will be and will find more willing participants. Good luck ethier way. The bwo's are out down low, and the fish should be on them any day now.


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