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Thread: Truckee - February

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    Default Truckee - February

    Nice days, and only a little snow makes this a fine time to fish.
    Deep in the "heart of winter", it can be T-shirt toasty (in the sun, and out of the breeze.).
    Easy approaches, with no-one around....
    Bugs are much the same, small.
    Flows down in the canyon are wadable, @300cfs.
    Present the smallest of offerings, combined with a surgical quality drift.
    A single ring from a hesitating bobber means a fish just checked in....
    Seeing some action with Stub-wing stones. Mercer's sz 14 golden stone is close.
    Baetis, and midges round out things. Small, smaller, smallest.

    Slower water is key. Deep pools harbor some pigs. Fishing a big eddy can really surprise.
    A sun beam hit water just right, to allow a population survey on one.
    Keeps one fishing intently afterwards.
    Mid-day window is best. Slows noticeably in the PM.
    Fished till 4:00 PM in nice conditions, then ran for the truck/heater when shade hit.

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    I think this is the week to fish.
    A warmish weather window should trigger some action.
    Still fishing small bugs (Baetis/Midges).
    But a sz 12-14 golden stone nymph is matching the stubwing stone.
    A rubber legged stone, in a dark morph has worked some....
    Very small black winter stones (very few) are flying about near town.
    I generally fish the bugs....but a worm or two have shown up in the seine.
    A leetle pink egg will get a look too.


    Yale with a spring bow, on an olive Baetis.
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    Generally, I don't bump up my posts without an important change.
    The Skwalla stones started emerging today just down-stream from the town of Truckee.
    Remember, fish the bubble lines. This is one time, you can stalk by the sound of risers.
    This the first large bug of the year, on the surface feeders menu.
    Be sneaky, fish are very spooky in the shallows. They feel exposed.
    Fish a lowriding dry near shore in glassy water. Water is a few degrees warmer on the edge as well (40+).
    Or, drown them stones.......many get swept away in riffles.

    Yesterday there was no activity..........Apparently, it got a little colder than the Skwalla are comfortable with.
    Shop for the warm weather windows for best results.

    Also wanted to give critter report.
    Bears are waking up. They are very hungry when they do. Don't leave goodies laying about.....
    Male Mnt. Chickadee's are singing there territorial song. Cheeseburger!
    Blue grouse are whumping and dancing deep in the woods.
    Quail are grouping up, calling, and are establishing coveys.
    All in addition to the early arrival of the Skwalla.
    It is always dicey to try and predict the weather up here.
    But all our neighbors are acting pretty spring like.....and they have more at stake than we do.
    I'll say again, might be a good year to go fishing earlier in the season.
    July/August may be tough.
    Going on the road for a while, North to OR. for a coastal Steelhead.
    Seems done around the Trinity.......
    I'll report when I return.

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    good report. thanks!


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