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Thread: Truckee - 1-16-12

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    Default Truckee - 1-16-12

    Winter is trying to come back....
    Just a few inches of snow last night.
    Parking is still available, and approaches are doable.
    The ground had warmed up enough over the last month, so much of this snow will melt straight into the river. This will drop water temps a little.
    Temps have been swinging between 38-42 deg. Clear/green.
    Bring an extra pair of socks, and wear'em, to stay in the water more than twenty minutes at a time. Shore breaks are common, to re-warm toes..
    Better yet, fish from the bank, and stay dry.
    I do a bunch of Indy fishing on my 6wt Sage 99, and my 6wt Z- switch rod.
    Both allow more working range, with less wading.
    Fishing with a water load, and roll cast style enables more drifts with less effort, almost no tangles, and zero false casting for more sneak.
    Sneakiness is wise most of the time, but even more so with clear/low flows.

    A windbreaker is standard issue. Fingerless gloves and a fleece hat is a good call. Bring spare clothes. The residue from expired aquatic growth from summer, makes it slippery.
    Some icing of guides early, bring Dave's paste.
    Make sure your line is cleaned and lubed as well.

    Midges, and BWOs are still the best bet. All stages. (sz 20-22-24)
    Seeing some small march brown nymphs in my bug seine, as well as a couple of smallish green drake nymphs. San-Juans, and a Pat's rubber legged stone might be good too.
    It can be be slow, but persistence pays.
    Lighter tippet and natural (no bling) bugs, fished in slower water seems best.

    Get your 2012 license. The warden is around.
    I also suggest you sacrifice a portion of you vest/pack for testing, after pinching the barb. I test every fly this way before casting.
    It only takes a second. Provides hours of peace of mind.......

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    Default right on the money

    Spent Saturday and Monday up there and have to agree that this is pretty much spot on. Especially the ice in the guides part (on Monday they never cleared all day except when I dunked the rod in the water), and the cold toes! The ice in the guides was an a major handicap however, and cost me some errant casts and a few fish that came uncorked when the line refused to pay out when they ran. I'd agree on the bug selections too: for me the hot flies were a BIG (sz 2) coffee colored Pats rubber leg stone, sz 22 zebra midge, and a sz 22 baetis creation. Also got some on flesh colored worms, and a dark olive midge (sz 20).

    Fishing was pretty good for me on Saturday and even better for my buddy (4 and 5 netted respectively). Monday was my best day ever on the Truckee, something just clicked and I was in the right places at the right time I suppose, then again maybe those fish were just hungry and noticed a change in the weather? Don't know but I hooked a ton, lost most and still landed 7 fish in my afternoon of fishing; not bad for January!!! Hard to say how things will play out with the weather systems moving through, but can't wait to get back up and give it another whirl.

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    Things have changed! 14-18" of fresh snow!
    We can still get around, but it just got more challenging.........
    I'll be out today to check on the fish, and let you know.
    Takes a little more grit to fish right now, but they still have to eat.
    My buddies and I had a good week.
    Bows have their winter camo going on top, and bright red is coming fast for spawn.
    Had a hook straightened by a piggy, and missed a bunch of fast takers.
    We have some very quick/smart fish. Bring your " A game", and warm clothes....

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    Default Snow and Trout:

    That's a nice looking fish BF. Looks like were going to have a nice fishing window this week with the temps on the rise. Great reports BF, there spot on.
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