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    Thank you for closing the Opening Day thread I'd been watching it for a bit and I'm a bit torn, not long ago I was new to this river and I did not know any more than to fish near the hatchery, what can I say, I love to fish and I go where the fish are (kind of the way it works). I caught a few several different ways, some that I'm not proud of. Now I've decided to only swing for stealhead I know I'll need to change a lot before I'll be successful, I can deal with this but many can not and I'm not really sure how many times I can go out and not even feel a tug before I go back to what I know works. One thing I know is if you alienate people it makes them feel isolated and they will fight against you, but if you take someone under you wing and teach them the ropes you will make progress with your agenda.

    Bill did a great thing this year when he met people out at Watt, I'm forever changed. If others are concerned if they were wiling to show others the ropes it would advance the cause more than bashing them. Not all of us can afford a guide and did not grow up with or have buddies who know the “right way” to fish for stealhead. I, for one would appreciate any help that helps me catch fish and do the right thing but I'll need help as I'm sure many others will. Next time rather than carrying this on for pages I think it would be more effective to say “what you did is wrong and this is the right way” after that message them and offer to help them out. If you were to message me and offer guidance I'd be greatfull, until I learn better I'll do the best I can to not be an idiot fisherman.

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    the best advise I can give you is do not narrow your mind. Thinking 'swinging only' is the answer is the wrong direction for someone new to the sport. If you want to be a complete angler, learn what works best and WHY. The best way to catch more fish is to learn their behavior. the best way to learn their behavior is to catch more fish. Sounds like you allready know some effective techniques. dont let all the swing-only advocates make your decision for you. or guilt you out of enjoying yourself. There are many ways to catch steelhed. let your concience be your guide.

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    Bass that is one of the most honest posts i have read in a long time. Truth is where there is steelhead there is passion. This is good but at times it turns into self righteous indignation. I personally have run into this dilemma. I went steelhead fishing up on the trinity with two swing only advocates. We all swung for two days for a big zero. Now I love to cast my switch and spey rods and will do just that with no regret that i didn't catch anything. But after two days i realized that i was not being true to myself and was continuing to swing because of peer pressure. On the last night i went out and went 3 for 5 getting down deep by this underwater bolder with spit shot then they would hammer it on the way up and across. Whatever technique gets me into the trance of the river, the expection of the take, I will be there.
    Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. ~Henry David Thoreau

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    If you swing flies in the spring and fall for the smaller Steelhead in the Lower American River (and other valley rivers) it can be lots more productive than swinging flies now in the cold water with a few large Steelhead.

    In March/April/May we will start having free group "introduction to Half-pounder (small Steelhead) classes" at the river again.

    Last spring the river was too high (13,000 cfs?) for this fishery to happen. Maybe this spring there will be lower flows and more caddis hatches.

    River now with the clear cold water conventional gear (lures & bait on spinning tackle ) and indicator fishing is what is working best.

    **Personally, I will continue to swing flies because I would rather pratice my Spey casting/fishing so I can be better in the spring and fall with my two-handed fishing.
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