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Thread: Kennedy Meadows Resort & Packstation

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    Default Kennedy Meadows Resort & Packstation

    This is one of the better pack companys that is not far from Sacramento or the bay area.

    July/Aug/Sept is a good timing for a trip to the high country.

    Watch the video clip on the front page.

    My good fishing buddy John Hogg has taken a few group trips out of Kenedy Meadow Packstation up into the high country for 3-4 days of camping & fly fishing.

    These packtrips are some of the best outdoor experienses we have left in California.

    Bill Kiene (Boca Grande)

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    I concur, Kennedy Meadows is a great place. I go every September for a "cowboy camp" (as my son calls it) to stay a week in a cabin and fish at the creek 10 ft from the door. This year the fish were jumping on the hook, we had a blast.


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