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Thread: Truckee - Dec.

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    Default Truckee - Jan

    The Truckee is experiencing a very delayed winter, much to my surprise.
    Normally in Jan. I would suggest getting in a few turns in the morning, then
    go fish.
    Since there is just enough snow on the slopes to get hurt, my advise is to skip skiing and just go fishing.
    Flows are lower overall, but the release from Tahoe lake has helped the fishing from the Town of Truckee, downstream.
    A serious thaw has cleared most of the ice from the rivers surface/banks..
    Air temps have been around mid-upper 40s. But sun helps it feel warmer.
    A wind breaker and a light shirt works most of the time.
    Water temps are consistent at 38-42 Deg.
    The bug menu is the same, Midges, or BWOs, are the daily specials.
    You can follow the midge cycle by fishing a pupa early (20-22 zebra midge) , then an emerger, then an adult dry (skating), then clump flies, then spinners/drowned adult.
    Have a BWO fly series as well, in case a cloud prompts a hatch (soft hackles, and cdc wing sz20.
    Sweet spot is 11:00-2:00 most days.
    Been swinging a streamer before and after this time, to some effect.
    Strip-set, instead of a rod-set, they won't chase it much in these temps.
    Fish can be slow to interest due to cold water, but with professional pickpocket takes.
    Check-set, on every possible take. Just watching your indy do a 1-2 second bob/hesitation is a good way to get skunked.
    A large Stone nymph, a cray, or a sj worm, is a good "over-here fly" to accompany your small bug offering.
    Even though, none of the above, are in the water column right now.
    I think fish just get tired of midges.
    It is surprisingly nice out on the water, and very little fishing pressure.
    Don't forget your NEW LICENSE!!!
    The hunting season is over, so the warden may show. Pinch those barbs too.
    Traditionally, March is our snowy month, but you never know, if we will even get snow, so maybe get a jump on the fishing this year.
    Might turn out to be a low water year.
    Hope this year treats you well.
    I'll be out today, just to get some momentum going......

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    Default thanks for the key updates.

    Jim as always your details are quite helpful, I'm itching for another day back on the Truckee soon. Other than a couple of days on the LT (nice but not the same), I've not seen that much of that corner of the world this fall/winter. I'm more ready than ever, this winter with a major handicap: my own hand tied disasters!

    As for the snow, or lack thereof; just remember all those t-shirt days we spent last January. Pretty much melted all the "real" snowpack, and it didn't really begin to build until February. Sure did make up for lost time in a hurry though. We can still hope...

    My fingers are crossed that we'll get pounded for a few months anytime now, but I have to say that I wouldn't mind at least one or two more chances at some nice mild winter weather to test my new creations out.
    Wait till I show you my patented fly: the "Rat's nest"


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