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Thread: Lower Yuba River 12/12

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    Unhappy Lower Yuba River 12/12

    Hit the Yuba with a friend from GBF and hubby yesterday. It was pretty windy most of the afternoon....

    Friend got two and hubby got one. I got lots of casting practice in and remain 'troutly' challenged on this river .

    No stoneflies this time around, but lots of small white/cream mayflies were coming off in the afternoon.

    I did learn some new stuff that I hadn't tried before, so the trip wasn't a total bust. Maybe next time... .
    - Robin

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    That dang river has skunked me more than ANY other in this state. It's very close
    to steelheading numbers, imho.

    But I sure do love the easy wading...just wish it was easier fishing. But that said,
    those fish get everything including the kitchen sink thrown at them all year long.

    So that's my excuse. lol.


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    Think caddis!

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    Fished yesterday, second time to the Yuba, first time wading it. Let me just say it sure is a heck of alot easier from a drift boat during the egg bite! Fished from 11am-3pm all hook-ups coming between 1:30-3:00. It seems hard to find the fish in that river. It's so wide and to me it didn't seem like it has obvious holding water, but I did manage a few, fun, feisty, Yuba rainbows.

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    Default Yuba Report

    I fished the Yuba with a couple Sac Club members Dave and Andy yesterday. Fishing was really solid for winter fishing in December. We managed to hook 26 fish and landed about 15. We even managed to find a couple smaller stray Feather River Steelhead. Given the time of year I was thrilled with the results. Not many bugs out yesterday. Hot flies were eggs, pheasant tails, and Hogan's Red Headed Step Child. There we are a handful of fish rising in the afternoon on baetis but not anything that I would call consistent. It seemed like to me that you had to cover lots of water to find willing fish but all of the normal spots gave fish.

    One thing that I know is true on the Yuba is that you cant get stuck fishing one spot for a long time. A wise man named Hogan Brown once told me as a younger guide is to try and catch 1 fish out of every spot. If you do that and cover enough water then you will have a great Yuba day. Hogan was right on. Even the best spots on the Yuba only give out 2-3 fish during the normal time of year......(ie not egg bite). So try not to fish one spot for hrs and hrs when you may only get a couple of stricks right from the start.

    Hope that helps.
    Guiding out here on some of the best trout waters of the west coast, it is my goal to fill your memory bank with plenty of fish tales, big and small!

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    RJ - Sweet! Show us some pictures por favor.


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