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    Default Timing Feather Steel

    I've never fished Feather River and am planning a guided trip early next month. From what I've read, I've gotten conflicting information about the timing of the run. So, I'm not sure if my trip is planned for a good or bad time. I want to take a poll from the board to get a sense of whether I'm too late or in the thick of the run so that I know what to expect. Your two cents would be much appreciated!
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    I think it is Oct/Nov but they have some in there almost year round now too.
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    Default Steelhead on the Feather

    The main season is Oct-Nov on the Feather. October was a great month. November has been good to great. It is slowing down a little. That being said they're are always fish in the system. In fact, this year there has been larger fish being caught - fish in the 8-12 pound range.

    As of hitting the river at the right time - for me a person has to be on piece of water all the time - to hit it at the right time. The right time could be only two days. Forecasting the right time is like placing money on a table in Vegas. You don't know into you do it. All in all just drifting the river is great!

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    Default Timing

    You are past the main run of fish. As a guide I wont take people out there past the week of Thanksgiving. If its a matter of there being fish in the system then there are always a handful. But the Feather steelhead are not like their cousins in the coastal rivers where 1-2 fish is considered a great day. Feather Steelhead for the most part are like big pissed off trout. Bill is right when he says the main run of fish is October/November. If you are going in a couple of weeks I would expect to potentially hook a couple fish. The reason the Feather is so famous is because of the large amounts of fish that one can hook in the River. A typical average day on the Feather I would expect to hook between 9-11 fish. One thing I can tell you is that you will not see action like this in December. One reason all of the fish seem to disappear is because the majority of the Salmon are done spawing by the end of November. When the salmon are gone then there is nothing for the steelhead to feed on and thus they keep traveling to the hatchery. Hope this helps.

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    I agree with Ryan. I don't take people out there past thanksgiving week as most of the fish are focusing on spawning up river or are downstream fish.


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