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    Default Truckee-Oct.

    *Fall/winter heads up.*
    Fair-weather fishing is about to end.
    Snow is possible this week!

    Foliage color change near water is more apparent every day.
    Water slightly off color, deep green. 58-60 deg.
    Flows are still very-low near town, and upstream, so bring the big creek technique. Longer casts/leader, smaller flies.
    Lower in the canyon (below Hirschdale) flows are still compatible with a switch rod. 500cfs+ (both floater, and skagit.), but my Sage 99 is getting a workout, more these days..both as an indy rod, and a streamer rod as well.

    These fish are pick-pockets after all the angling pressure this summer.
    They require your best game (stealth, fly choice, great drift, fast set, etc.).
    Been seeing more fish grabs with this cooler weather, be ready, they will run at you.....not just away.
    Tough, smart fish, that are feeding. What else you need?

    Oct. Caddis scattered throughout the river.
    Fish are slow to rise to adults, but a pupal form, or soft hackle off the back is a good call.
    (West river shop has some sweet imitations.)
    Golden stones are mostly done.
    Small dark Baetis nymphs are popular with the fish.
    Fish rising to (sz.22) pale evening dun last evening. Cream/yellow.
    Coolness limits hopper action, but during warm windows, they're still out.
    Fish them both dry/drowned in the pm.
    No hard frosts yet, but bring a coat. Early and late is chilly.
    I always recommend a spare change of clothes too, just in case.
    Bring a baggie (zip-type) for your phone too.........

    Enjoy this fine fall on the water, I know I am.

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    How will the weather this week affect the water / fishing this weekend?

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    Snow is gone in the valley, still a good dose up high. Flows have dropped back to seasonal levels.
    The T is about 8" higher down in the canyon. Still crossable though.
    They may raise the flows on the dam release waters (The T) to off-set the runoff into the lakes.
    Flows are normal on small tribs. Might be time to sneak a creek with a dry..
    The water is off color slightly on the main, that allows using a heavier leader nymphing. (Advantage fisherman)
    A flush of colder water may kick the Browns into gear.... (Advantage fishermen)
    Far less pressure from seasonal fishermen. (Advantage fishermen)
    Fish like overcast weather, and will often rise in a storm. (Advantage fishermen)
    Be heads-up, and discrete in approach. You can still fish hoppers if there is a warm window (sz 12) smaller yellow underwing..
    Even when the wind isn't blowing, hoppers will fall in the water.
    As long as no one is around , fish will still hide near shore.
    Sometimes I catch a few jumpers, and stalk a trout, by dropping them on the currents.
    Fish are much easier to catch if you know where they are....It's also educational to see how far a fish will move for a bite....
    I often carry two rods. One for indy or streamer, and the other for dries.
    Several tales about fish ripping streamers off of 2x tippet. Make sure your leader is fresh and un-nicked.
    Try to keep your tip up.....
    I'd also rig a fresh 13ft. 5-6x leader, with a sz 22 baetis dry, find a pod of little guys, and spot the big guy in the middle of them.
    Break out your woolies, and patch your waders too. Wet wading time is over for me.
    Bug wise.....midges/Oct.caddis/Baetis(BWO)/PEDs, will highlight the menu.
    A few sporatic larger mayflies flying (Isonychia?). I tie a long skinny pheasant tail nymph on a (sz 10) 200 R hook. No bling.
    I see some rises most evenings, sz20-22 PED dun/adult/spinner. Maybe drown a Oct. Caddis adult, or pupa.
    1st drift is your best shot, after that, they know it's game on.....
    You can't know, if you don't go.....

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