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    OK, the tide of tourists has receded somewhat.
    Fewer, rafters and floaties on the water too.
    Upper river is a bit boney at these flows, water temps are coming down..
    It is approaching that time to say hi to larger fish.
    They will be increasing their feeding activity soon.
    With a dwindling of bug numbers and sizes, the fish look up more for food.
    Hoppers are very popular, maybe add one on a dropper for more love.
    Still seeing some golden stones, a few cray parts as well.
    Been finding Oct. Caddis pupating in their little houses.
    I cracked one open, he was about half-way done. Looking at another couple of weeks, till the hatch.
    My own tastes run to a streamer now, it's time to hunt!
    The whole river is fish-able now.
    Some bushes are over-hanging water in places, try drifting a dry underneath them.
    Fish shade for them, that and the foam....
    Starting to see bears about, another sign of fall.

    Went down the east side for a few days. Fished the Owens, Hot crk, E walker.
    Found fish everywhere they should be, and enjoyed the views.
    But as I drove up the Truckee river canyon on my return, I found a feeling of relief to be back on my home waters.
    Funny how a river gets in your blood.
    Hope you're getting out.

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    Here we go.....fall hatch weather is here. Flows are very clear, and cooling daily.
    Much warmer on the upper river still 64+. Cooler as you go downstream.
    Cooler temps day/night have Oct. Caddis fluttering about on the upper river near TC.
    Color change is more advanced on the "shrubbery". "Gettin' reel purty"
    The big hatches in the evening are more sparse, the window is earlier now 7-7:30,
    and mostly subsurface. Still a variety of caddis, just fewer. Try drowning a dry or EC.
    Try swinging a streamer under any pods of small risers too.....just a thought.
    Midges are becoming more important in the fishes diet as well. Both above and below the surface.
    There is a very small pmd(?) sz22-24. fish dry/drowned.
    Hoppers are still out on warm afternoons doing their bzzzt bzzzt mating flights, both the big Sierra blues and smaller yellow under-wings. Since the menu is shrinking towards winter, they will eat one if properly presented.
    Think longer leaders, and drag-free drifts.
    Few things matter more to these fish.

    Bring a jacket, consider camping out, it doesn't get much nicer up here.
    I will say, I think winter's coming early this year.
    See you on the water.

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    "Funny how a river gets in your blood."

    The T was the first place I cast a fly. Got my ass kicked on that river way more than anywhere else. Still might be my favorite trout stream to this day.

    Dig reading your reports, Jim. Thanks, and keep em coming.


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