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Thread: We have Half-pounders in the Lower American River now

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    Default We have Half-pounders in the Lower American River now

    We have had several good reports of Half-pounder Steelhead being caught in our river already.

    Late August is the traditional time for the fall run to start..

    They can be in almost the entire length of the river too.

    Fsh early and late in the day for the best results.
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    Exclamation They sure are!

    Paul and I were fishin' for Stripes on the Lower American River yesterday afternoon/evening. Launched in West Sac and came from the mouth. He found an 18" [hatchery] steelhead with his chartreuse Super Minnow pattern [clouser-like, but better ] around 7:30 pm or so! I couldn't believe it! This was after he'd picked up a 3-4 pound stripe further up river earlier in the evening.

    All I found were some diaper stripes [using the same pattern, but in olive/pink as a trout imitation]! GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Guess I'll switch to chartreuse today!
    - Robin

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    That's pretty funny Robin.... I had the opposite problem a few years ago.... was going for some quality half pounders throwing streamers.... it was probably November.... hooked a decent fish and finally thought I'd done it..... wah wah waaahhhhh, 17" linesides when I got the fish in... I was so grumpy after that too!
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