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Thread: Lower Sac Report

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    Default Lower Sac Report

    I fished the Lower Sac this last weekend with a couple of friends of mine. The river fished really well. We fished the water from Posse down to Anderson. The bugs of choice were tan Caddis Pupa and PMD's. The fish ate Micro Mays and other small flies early but the fishing really started the later it got. It was nice to have a couple of guys who really love to fish in the boat . Here are a couple of highlights from the trip

    We caught fish in the riffles

    We caught fish wading,

    We caught fish in the evening,

    We even managed a couple of doubles!!

    If you get a chance to get up there you really should,

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    Default Looks like a great day!

    The lower Sac is quite the fishery isn't it? It looks like you guys did well and enjoyed yourself and that is what it's all about! Beautiful fish too and doubles! Well done.

    Did you see any of the other river inhabitants...otters.....swan...eagle..beaver... etc....?

    Come on up the water's fine

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    Nice! I'm supposed to be up there in two weeks, My fiance is going on a sales trip and I'm taggin' along to get in some fishing. I'm planning on putting in in Redding somewhere, havent decided yet where and floating down to the Deschutes bridge in Anderson. How was the water flow, I plan on bringing my 8' pontoon, my first time floating such a large river in the toon'. I've rented rafts and done the trip to the Anderson river park when I was younger and don't remember any areas I would get in trouble.


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