Scorton Creek Flies is a manufacturer and distributor of the innovative "Flex Eel"flies with the built in action that fish can't resist. Originally designed to mimic the sand eels that are one of the favorite foods of Stripers , they have had great success catching trout and Kokanee. Though previously marketed to Striped Bass fly fishermen, they have an even larger potential if targeted towards the fly market for other fish species.

This is a great opportunity for an individual who would like to step right into a successful fly business who's infrastructure has already been assembled. Why spend years building a business from scratch when you can start with one that is up and running. Easily run out of the house.

Lots of inventory,raw materials, packaging materials, promotional materials, web site etc ( come with the sale.
Owner will be on call as a cosultant for 60 days following sale.

If interested give me a call at (916-409-0514) and I will be happy to provide you with more specific information.

Tom Crawford