I have BRAND NEW, NEVER USED Redwood city 10' Drifter Aluminum Pram/Boat up for sale. This is a serious deal for any of you fly fisherman as this is a great boat for one or two people on lots of the local still waters and easy going rivers like the Feather, Trinity, Etc... Ok, there are lots of extras, so hang in there with me:
1. Bottom of the boat has a coat of CoatIt: hard resin that makes it so the Aluminum does not scratch as easily and does not stick easily to rocks when the boat is dragged over rock or when drifting a shallow area.
2. The inside of the boat has been painted with 2 coats of Flat high quality metal paint in a beige color. The aluminum was etched prior to application so the paint should stick very well. This cuts back on glare significantly. A must have for standing in the sun all day.
3. Brand New, never used, wood oars brand new brass oar locks to go with it and brand new comfy oar handle covers to top it off
4. Front and rear anchor drops anchor rope (new never used) and lead triangle anchors included 2-15 lb (front/rear)
5. Clamp on folding vinyl seat has a jon boat style clamp on seat that hold it tightly to the built in bench seating
6. 25LB Thrust Electric motor Used. In good shape, new prop.
7. Marine Battery New, never used but has been kept on a special charger that keeps it fresh. It is in a plastic case that allows you to monitor the battery's current charge level and gives you a connector to hook up the motor instead of gator clamps that can pop off
8. Intelligent Charger self explanatory
9. 4 HP Gas motor Used. I have never started this motor up before... but the prior owner used it several times. Bring it to a small engine guy and have him tune it and you should be good to go.
10.Motor Stand I built a simple motor stand out of pressure treated 2x4s that stores the motors in a nice upright position.
11. Boat Net, with extended handle for easy landing of fishes
12. 2 Orange Life Vests - new never used

Ok, I think that covers everything. I am asking $1500.00 CASH for everything. There are lots of extras and zero risk on most because everything is new.
I will NOT deliver. You need to pick it up so please be prepared with a truck. It could fit on the roof of a LARGE SUV.

PICTURES http://riles78.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!DAF6306690896A79!382/

NOTE: This boat is stored at a friend's house, so I will need to make an appointment if you want to see it.... so serious inquiries only please. I took my time getting good pictures and they should be enough to get a really good idea of the design. Thanks!
NOTE2: The boat is NOT registered to have a motor on it, so you will need to register it at the DMV if you want to use the motors on public water/waterways.