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Kiene’s On-Line Store

Kiene’s American Fly Fishing Co – Established in 1984.  We have been in the e-commerce business since 1995.  Our ultra-secure website offers the best fly gear available.  Our site is easy to navigate, fast and offers the easiest check-out system on the planet.  Our REWARDS program offers 5% back on purchases – the richest rewards program in fly fishing.  Please support your local fly shops.  If you don’t have a local fly shop or don’t like them – give us a try.

Kiene’s Discount Store

Kiene’s American Fly Fishing retail store is one of the largest fly fishing stores in the world.  We offer the industry’s best products at discounted prices.  Fly rods, reels, waders, boots, fly tying, clothing, etc are all greatly reduced for you, our fly fishing friends.  All sales in the discount store earn 5% REWARDS towards future purchases.  All sales in our discount store have 30 day money back guarantee too!  Get great gear and save money.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Travel Store

Our travel company, Wild On The Fly, is currently under construction.  Our existing travel site has all of our favorite fly fishing destinations.  We have been booking fly fishing travel for over 20 years.  We have thousands of loyal clients.  There is no extra expense for using our travel services.  What you will get if you book with us is our honest opinion about your wishes vs reality.  Our staff of travel experts have been to all the destinations we offer.  We will spare no effort to make sure your travel experiences are as good as they can be…that’s our promise to you.

Blogs & Forums

Kiene’s blogs and forums are one of the largest and most popular on the web.  Bill Kiene, founder of Kiene’s, is the original founder of the blogs-forums and is fly fishing’s best moderator.  His knowledge and connections are without peer.  We are careful to make it an honest exchange of ideas, questions and opinions.  Join in and enjoy great interaction with your fellow fly fishers.  You’ve got questions?  Bill Kiene has answers or will get them for you.  It’s fun and very informative.

Classes & Clinics

Kiene’s American Fly Fishing Co. is one of the great fly shops for the beginner.  We love people that want to learn to fly fish.  Our welcoming attitude easily translates to great experiences for all who wish to enjoy the great outdoors with a fly rod.  Our fly tying guru, Tim Au Young, may be one of the best fly tying instructors in fly fishing.  Classes at Kiene’s American Fly Fishing Co. – they all take place in one of America’s best fly shops and are conducted by knowledgeable, experienced and kind instructors.

Guide Services

Salmon, Steelhead, Striper, Trout, Shad -  there is always something going on in our back yard.  Our guide service, Fish Habit Outfitters, is one of the best in our area.   They know the rivers and areas we fish intimately.  They are “in house” and are always available to answer questions.  Walk and wade small streams, drift local waters, chase big stripers – you name it-we do it.  Individual anglers to corporate multi-day retreats.  There is nothing better than a day on the water!

Upcoming Events

Kiene’s American Fly Shop has fly fishing events all year.  Hence, we will put all our events on our website for the world to see.  Guest tiers, happy hour events, vendor parties, special guests, etc will be there.  If you want to have an event at Kiene’s just call 800-410-1222 and ask for Tim Au Young.  We have all the tools you will need to have an event: tables, chairs, video equipment, kitchen facilities, etc.  We offer our facility to our fly fishing community free of charge for your events.

Tips & Reviews

We hope you enjoy this section of our website.  There are lots of great tip/videos that can make life easier for the fly fisher.  We also love to “work over” new gear and materials to see how they will perform.  We will share all this information with you.  Hope you like our posts.  If you disagree – give us a call at 800-410-1222.  Cheers!

Fishing Reports

Kiene’s fishing report is the most robust fishing report in Northern California.  The report covers just about every type of water you can think of in our part of the world.  We also will add places to eat, sleep and visit while you are fly fishing.  Local fisheries will be updated regularly.  Remote areas may contain phone numbers or web links for current information.  Call us with your reports.  We’d love to give you credit on our fishing report.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee